School Travel Plan.

Pebble Brook School is currently in the process of developing its School Travel Plan.

What is a School Travel Plan?

A STP is developed, maintained and monitored by the whole school community, to
promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey. A STP sets out
practical initiatives and measures to encourage active, healthy, safe and sustainable
travel as an alternative to single occupancy car use.

Why do we need a School Travel Plan?

A STP is developed and monitored by the school to:

  • discover actual and preferred mode of travel for the school journey;
  • identify issues to determine why people do not travel sustainably;
  • set future targets to achieve or maintain modes of sustainable travel (for
    example to increase cycling; to maintain walking);
  • lay out a plan of action for the tasks that the school will carry out to achieve
    their targets and aspirations;
  • encourage the whole school community to travel in a safer, healthier and
    more sustainable way.
    What are the benefits of a School Travel Plan?
    • Reduce Congestion
      A School Travel Plan encourages people to leave their cars at home and
      travel to school by more sustainable means. This helps to reduce the number
      of cars that need to park, or need to travel, near to the school.
    • Improving the local environment
      Reducing the number of cars travelling to schools will help to reduce carbon
      emissions and improve air quality, making the environment more pleasant.
    • Increase pupils’ sense of road safety
      School Travel Plans encourage children to take part in road safety training
      programmes, giving them a greater sense of road safety.