This website is for you. We believe it can give you a wide range of information. However, and equally importantly, we hope you can get a feel for our school, a place where we care for each other, we respect each other and where we achieve all we possibly can.


Our pupils all get a chance to grow into responsible and employable young adults. Since COVID we have revamped our curriculum and now offer all pupils the following:-


Maths, English, PE, PSHE and E, Food Technology, Art, Computing and Science. We also teach Careers and Employability, RE, Social Interactions and Resilience, Life Skills, Citizenship and British Values. These are the subjects that all contribute our key mission of ‘Preparing for Adulthood’.


We use topics where we can include music, art, technology, drama and humanities. There are some interesting and varied ideas around these topics that have been cooked up by our teaching team.


As pupils move towards Key Stage 4 we teach vocational skills like Horticulture, Woodwork, Plumbing, Animal Care and Bricklaying (plus a few more).


In Key Stage 5 (Further Education Department) there’s more Literacy and Numeracy, Computing and PSHE and E as well as life skills and as much work experience as we can possibly squeeze in.


You can’t replace a website with a visit. Come and see us and join in if you are a prospective family, a family friend, someone of ‘official’ business or even someone just being a bit curious. All are welcome.


Pebble Brook School is joyful. We are determined to achieve the best for everyone and we are extremely proud of our whole community. Someone recently said that we have a ‘baseline of happiness’. I do like that, it is because of many elements that combine to make us an exciting and vibrant school.


Thank you for taking a look at what we try to do. Whenever we get a bit of praise or a ‘thank you’ I always remind those with these sentiments that our diverse community, especially our pupils, make our job easy. Who wouldn’t want the best for these brilliant people?


Personally, I am grateful every day to have this wonderful opportunity to be part of a unique school and community.

All the very best


David Miller