Head’s Welcome


Hello Everyone

When I was a young, aspiring Headteacher (not that long ago!) they didn’t train us about how to lead a school through a world wide pandemic! They did not tell us about remote learning, bubbles, staff rotas, isolation, face coverings and all those other things that have become the norm this past year and a half. They did not tell us that it may get tough at times.

But when it happens, you discover the strengths of a school. Our staff, our families and our fantastic pupils have shone brightly and are the perfect illustration of a very good school getting stronger and stronger.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope a lot of the information you need is contained within the tabs and pages and we hope it shows the vibrancy and joyfulness of a school like ours. But please do not stop at the website, please come and see us and sample the positive, caring and productive atmosphere we are proud to share at any chance we get!

From September we are packed to the rafters and very glad to be that way. We make sure our pupils and staff have the right support and learning environment and that everyone gets a chance to reach their potential.

We have a beautiful new Post 16 building and a great main school area with a library, food tech room and science lab. The rest of the school is functional but needs updating. We are on a mission to get new classrooms, hall and dining room, the challenge is on!

Hope to see you soon.

All the very best

David Miller