Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum offers high-quality learning for young people of every background and with a range of special educational needs. The substance of our curriculum will help get formal qualifications. But, further to this, it provides an education that creates life chances and removes or changes the barriers to global achievement. Our core skills are literacy, numeracy and PSD (Personal and Social Development).

Enabling our pupils to master basic skills or beyond will give each pupil an extra step towards independence and employment. They are developed and nurtured across all subjects in all lessons. Adding breadth and balance to our core provides further opportunity for global development, further opportunity to develop as a citizen and makes life chances easier to grasp. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is interwoven throughout our curriculum. Interwoven into our SMSC are British values. Bear the above in mind as you read on. We will individualise. We will help all pupils to be responsive, curious and persistent.

We will provide opportunities for discovery and investigation. We will enable pupils to initiate and anticipate. We will help our pupils understand how to develop as a citizen of our modern world, paying attention to British values. Our curriculum will be alive in the classroom, around the school and in external opportunities we provide.

Curriculum Framework

The curriculum structure at Pebble Brook School consists of a framework built around whole school subject overviews and associated schemes of work written as long, medium and short term levels of planning. Assessment informs and promotes individual progress. It is used wisely by pupils and staff in every lesson and around the school. We assess and promote academic achievement against our adapted curriculum (Rising Stars) and towards great learners and great people.


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