At Pebble Brook School we prepare our pupils for life in the adult world. We recognise that there are key development areas, commonly referred to as personal and social development (PSD) that will impact on the positive development we promote for our pupils.

At Pebble Brook School, the organisation of PSD is as follows:-

  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Independence
  • Healthy Living
  • Careers & Employability
  • Religious Education
  • Receptive Communication
  • Expressive Communication

Our whole curriculum directly attends to development of social and emotional skills.

Further to this, our approach to behaviour management, our therapies and the positive, enabling ethos we have in our school all significantly impact individual progress in these two areas. The other six areas are delivered in school either as an individual lesson or crossed with other curriculum areas.

Assessment, Record Keeping & Progress

The documents attached represent the detail within each of the key areas. They show achievable steps from early development through to the highest personal and social skills. Assessment, record keeping and progress. Each pupil has one sheet per key area. All pupils receive a baseline assessment that is recorded on each sheet. The information we use is based on teacher knowledge and assessment, on the pupil’s own opinion and from the previous record keeping system we have been using since January 2013.

We do not keep numeric data on progress in these areas. However, our attached documents can be used as an ‘at a glance’ image of progress. These documents also provide information on gaps in achievement that will need to be addressed as well as guidance as to where a pupil should be going next.

Please take time to read through our Prevent Strategy at Pebble Brook.