Whipsnade Zoo

The Year 7 Pebble Brook pupils and Ollie went on a school trip to Whipsnade Zoo on Wednesday 12th June hoping it would not rain.  

First, we all had a ride on the steam train, Excelsior.  Everyone really enjoyed that, the excitement of being on a steam train plus as we travelled around part of the zoo we saw quite a few of the animals.

When we disembarked the train, we broke up into smaller groups and went to visit particular animals that interested each of the groups such as the tiger cubs, the baby zebra and the giraffes.  Some of us went to see the chimps but they did not want visitors and just lay swinging in their hammocks.

At 12.30 we had a delicious lunch provided by the Rotary Club then it was time to play. Everyone behaved perfectly. To complete the trip we watched the bird display and visited the Butterfly House.

The journey home was very quiet as everyone was tired out.

A wonderful day at the zoo well done Pebble Brook team pupils and staff.x