Re Opening 

Message From

Mr Miller

Hello Everyone

Within this tab on the our website is some information relating to school reopening.  it is where we will drop up-to-date important information.

We are looking forward to implementing the reopening procedures and particularly looking forward to catching up with as many of our pupils and families as possible.

A letter has gone out today via e mail and is included in this section. We have also included the staff and pupil ratios as well as a document we have completed with all staff around the safety routines and procedures that we are putting in place.

Hope everyone is well out there.  We are slowly returning to normality, one small step at a time. Keep in touch, you know where we are, we would love to hear from you.

Take care
Dave Miller


Staff briefing on re opening


FINAL ROTA 3 June 2020


Parent letter 2 June