What is WORKS4U?

We are working with Talentino, a Matrix accredited external career development company affiliated to the professional body The Career Development Institute and specialising in the career development of young people with SEND. Our staff at school have been trained by Talentino to deliver the careers programme – Careers at Every Level – which includes classroom-based career coaching, work experience, employer engagement, employability skills development and business enterprise. To find out some more information about Talentino, click here.

From Year 7, our pupils develop their knowledge of the workplace and jobs available, discover their own aspirations and build their confidence and skills through classroom-based career coaching. Through this, alongside work experience and enterprise activities, they will become confident and ready for employment.

In addition, we offer our pupil’s as many opportunities for career-related activities as we can, enterprise (car wash, tuck shop, homemade produce sales, fundraising) being one of these. We visit external agencies that can support our careers programme, in particular, the job centre and facilities such as ‘Health Tec’ at the local college.


The Careers Programme delivers against the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, outlined below:



Benchmark Notes How we currently meet this Benchmark
Personal Guidance Every pupil should have opportunities for guidance interviews with a career adviser. These should be available whenever significant study or career choices are being made. They should be expected for all pupils but timed to meet their individual needs. Our aim is to have career coaches embedded within the school. Significant periods include EHC plan reviews, the transition from school. School have the capacity to provide coaching support at these key times. A personal and individualised approach is a key factor in our school.
Encounters With Further Education All pupils should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, FE colleges and in the workplace. All pupils will experience college where appropriate in Years 10 and above.
Experiences Of Workplaces Every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks. School is building a network of engaged employers. The programme provides a framework for work experience projects (school-based, visits and work experience). This is traditional for Years 11, 12, 13 and 14 but is being expanded throughout the school. A range of supported activities will be put in place for pupils to engage with employers. Employers have support and many opportunities to gain disability awareness through the actions of the school.
Encounters With Employers And Employees Every pupil should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes. An Enterprise scheme is embedded within each key stage where pupils develop profitable in school enterprise businesses to demonstrate their knowledge of customer service and work environments. We are building a network of engaged employers to provide ongoing and multiple work experience for as many pupils who can access it
Linking Curriculum Learning To Careers All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. Careers coaching is delivered through a classroom-based modular programme linked to the assessment of pupils.
Addressing The Needs Of Each Pupil Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of each pupil. A school’s careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout. Tailored to meet the needs of young people with a range of needs from moderate to more severe learning disabilities. Session plans and resources are differentiated based on the needs of the participants and individual career development plans are created as well as articulating the employment outcomes on the EHCP plans.
Learning From Career & Labour Market Information Every pupil and their parents should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. School leads on maintaining and developing this area. They will need the support of an informed adviser to make the best use of available information. Accessible resources about opportunities provided. These are reviewed annually with pupils and parents at statutory Annual Reviews. We aim to train in-school career coaches and actively support students to utilise resources and create career development plans. Individual learning with responsibility for growth and development in career opportunities.
A Stable Careers Programme Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by pupils, parents, teachers, governors and employers. We offer a whole school careers programme (implemented in January 2017) and are embedding it within the school. We aim to engage with governors and parents. We already engage with employers to be part of a long-term network. We call our careers education programme (as created by our pupils) WORKS4U and this is operational at Key Stages 3 and 4. In the FED careers and employability take on an even sharper focus. It is individualised around different pupils’ skills, interests and aspirations.



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