Head’s Welcome


Hello Everyone
Thank you for taking the time to look at our website.  Under normal circumstances we try and keep everything up to date so that we can provide all the information you might need.  Under normal circumstances (part 2) we encourage new viewers to have a quick look but then make sure you come and see us so that you can get to experience the warm welcoming atmosphere and the commitment to ensuring the best opportunities for everyone. 
Unfortunately, ‘normal circumstances’ is not a phrase used regularly these days. We keep putting up new information and it quickly goes out of date, we open up for everyone and then we get locked down again! When will it all end?
Well, the answer to that is ‘soon, very soon’. We are running a school that is spread to the four winds with lessons across the world wide web and not across the classroom but ‘normal circumstances’ are on their way back.
For the moment, thank you to our brilliant pupils who are doing their best at home or while attending school.  Thank you to our dedicated and inspiring staff for putting so much into getting it right.
Before long, the corridors and rooms will be filled with the sounds of intensive learning, laughter and the occasional naughty word! Normality will be back and we can not wait.
When we are walking around without the need for masks or two metre gaps, we will welcome you in and you can see for yourself what goes on at this unique place.  
Best wishes
David Miller
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