Exam & Assessment Results

Pebble Brook School Exam Results 2018-19

Our English results are great with all but 1 year 11 pupil passing all components of their examinations.
86% of year 11 pupils passed examinations at above their target level, and 93% were on or above target. This is compared with 38% exceeding their examination target least year. Looking at final working levels 100% of pupils achieved their target or better, with 86% working above their target level.
Notable successes are two pupils achieving Level 2 Functional skills in English and 6 pupils achieving Level 1 functional skills.

Our Maths results are also really good and show an improvement from last year. All but one pupil achieved an examination on or above their target, with 93% on or above their target grade, with 29% exceeding their target grade in examination. This is slightly down from last year’s 46% , however this was due to the nature of the level one qualification which was pass or fail- the pupils entered for this qualification already had their target grade. Those who did not pass will be retaking in year 12. Looking at final working levels 64% (54% last year) were working above their target levels with 36% on.
A notable success was our one GCSE candidate who achieved a level 4,also one particular pupil who came to us in year7 only just performing at the very beginning of the national curriculum levels, who achieved a Level 1 qualification.

All year 11 pupils in science achieved an entry level qualification. We no longer enter students for BTEC. All pupils were on or above their target grade, with 29% above their target grade.

Vocational Options
Unless specified these results are for the whole of KS4

BTEC sport
2/2 year 11 pupils achieved level 1

BTEC travel and tourism
4/4 pupils achieved Level 1
5/5 achieved entry level 3

BTEC home cookery skills
3/3 pupils achieved level 2,
4/4 achieved level 1

Information Technology Level 1 Certificate
12/14 of year 11 pupils were entered for this qualification and all achieved it. 1 pupil successfully achieved Entry level 3

All the pupils who took the options below were successful in achieving an Entry level 3 qualification.

NCFE Occupational Studies – Bricklaying
NCFE Creative Craft
ABC Small animal care
ABC Horticulture
ABC Painting and decorating

To put all of this into context, our children come to us working significantly below age related expectations and many of them come out of year 11 with a number of level 1 and level 2 qualifications which have GCSE equivalence.

Pupils A -3 level 2 qualifications and 3 level 1 qualifications.
Pupil B – 2 level 2 qualifications, 1 level 1 as well as a number of E3





KS3 English

In the whole of KS3 there is one pupil who has not made expected or better progress in reading and 4 in writing. See break down below.

English teachers are aware of this pupil and they have had intervention both in and out of the classroom.

English reading progress data is outstanding and a testament to the reading intervention programmes put in place throughout the school.

 Year 7
Reading Writing
Above 10 83% Above 11 92%
On 2 17% On 1 8%
Below Below


Year 8


Above 14 93% Above 12 80%
On 1 7% On 3 20%
Below Below



Year 9


Above 8 80% Above 9 90%
On 1 10% On 1 10%
Below 1 10% Below



KS3 Maths

In the whole of KS3 we only have 2 pupils who are not making expected or better than expected progress. This is a significant improvement from last academic year. As with English, the Maths staff are aware of these pupils.

The outstanding progress of the Maths department is down in some part to the relentless focus on data. Pupils are identified in fortnightly meetings and those not on track are identified and appropriate intervention put in place.


Year 7

Above 6 50%
On 4 33%
Below 2 17%


Year 8

Above 10 67%
On 4 27%
Below  1  6%


Year 9

Above 5 50%
On 5 50%


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